Horse related games that are coming out in 2017

What’s new for horse game enthusiasts?

If you are fond of playing computer games which relate to horses and are looking forward for new offers this coming 2017, then next year is not yet for you. Nintendo, Xbox and other video game platforms have already released some of the games players will anticipate most in 2017. But none has ever been published yet related to horses.

There are still a lot of horse games in the pipeline with a lot of gaming companies concentrating there game development programs on a range of titles to increase the pool of genres available for you to enjoy in your computer. Here are some:

1. My Horse and Me

This is a popular horse game which aims to satisfy the equestrian lifestyle in you. It has excellent graphics and all the levels of this game are challenging. Every horse game lover should be able to play this game.

2. Champion Horse Trainer

In this game, you have the ability to train your own horses in preparation for the race. You get to have three horses and be able to ride to win races.

Wii and Nintendo promises to deliver out plenty of horse-related computer games for the public. Just be sure to tune in to their latest updates.

The Beauty of Having a Pony and How to Take Care of it

If you are thinking of buying yourself a pony or for your child, then you are on the right track. You can be sure your child will learn a lot of valuable life lessons when you give them the experience of owning a pony

Why own a pony? 

People buy ponies for various purposes including for health purposes and esteem purposes among other purposes. In most cases, parents buy ponies for their kids because they do not require a lot of space and their feeding is not much as compared to horses. The other purposes of owning ponies especially for your son or daughter would be to teach them a sense of responsibility. That is because children who own ponies learn how to look after the living because doing so requires dedication. Most lessons entail getting ponies ready as well as untacking them after riding them. As a rider, you learn to be responsible because you should dress appropriately, take care of equipment and punctuality when showing up. Another purpose of owning ponies would be to help your kids have commitment. If you want your child to work hard and learn the importance of sticking to something, then buy them a pony. 

The person to look after your pony?

A trainer would be the most appropriate person to look at your mini horse. For starters, you need to go with an experienced trainer to buy a mini horse. The trainer will look at the pony and advise you accordingly. After buying it, ensure that you take it the trainer for training purposes. In case a mini horse is not feeling well, get a veterinary doctor to treat it immediately. Most importantly, buy a horse carriage for your pony. There are various models including carts, spiders, victorias, wagonettes, breaks and gigs among others. There are other modern horse carriages so you can buy the one that best suits you. Pleasure, horse carriages are suitable for training.

You can be sure they will experience how it feels to have positive reinforcement. Another purpose for buying your child a pony would be to give them happiness. Your child might go for horse riding lessons feeling down but come out feeling happy. You can also spend time with your child together as you ride a pony. You have a friend to join you during horse shows and festivals. What to do with your pony You can do a lot with your pony including riding it in the woods. As the owner, you can also go with your pony to fairs and festivals. 

There are competitions and shows for ponies; thus, you can tag along your pony to such events. You can also live a healthy with your pony by riding it as a form of exercise. You can also learn how to drive a pony cart and network with other people who own mini horses. Some mini horses can carry small kids if you train them. If you train your mini horse to be well mannered, you can interact with the elderly or kids who enjoy being with horses but no longer ride them. There are so many other things you can do with your mini horse; all you just need to do is explore things with your mini horse. 

The Utilization of Horse Drawn Carriages in Funeral Services

When one thinks of horse drawn carriages in funeral processions, images of royal or presidential funerals may come to mind. However, horse drawn carriages have been in existence since the seventeenth century and were the only means of transporting caskets until the invention of the motorized hearse in the early twentieth century. The first documented occasion of a horse drawn funeral carriage was in London in 1648 for the burial of Thomas Rainsborowe, a Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy. 

The rise in use of horse drawn carriages in both England and the United States during the nineteenth century was due to what is known as the “Rural Cemetery Movement”. The concept of rural cemeteries was forged from overcrowding in churchyard cemeteries. People began building cemeteries wherever they could find land, usually on the outskirts of town. Often, the cemeteries were of considerable distance from the church, which created the problem of transporting the casket to the cemetery. This problem gave birth to the horse drawn funeral carriage. It was customary at that time to use a black carriage with black horses for adult funerals while white carriages and horses were used for the funerals of children. 

After the invention of motorized funeral coaches in the early 1900’s, the use of horse drawn carriage services began to decline. However, the funeral of President John F. Kennedy, in which a horse drawn funeral carriage was utilized, caused a renewed interest in the use of carriage services. Presently, one can find numerous companies offering horse drawn carriage services. It is seen as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and distinction and as a way to express the importance and value of the cherished life being honored.

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