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Horse related games that are coming out in 2017

What’s new for horse game enthusiasts?

If you are fond of playing computer games which relate to horses and are looking forward for new offers this coming 2017, then next year is not yet for you. Nintendo, Xbox and other video game platforms have already released some of the games players will anticipate most in 2017. But none has ever been published yet related to horses.

There are still a lot of horse games in the pipeline with a lot of gaming companies concentrating there game development programs on a range of titles to increase the pool of genres available for you to enjoy in your computer. Here are some:

1. My Horse and Me

This is a popular horse game which aims to satisfy the equestrian lifestyle in you. It has excellent graphics and all the levels of this game are challenging. Every horse game lover should be able to play this game.

2. Champion Horse Trainer

In this game, you have the ability to train your own horses in preparation for the race. You get to have three horses and be able to ride to win races.

Wii and Nintendo promises to deliver out plenty of horse-related computer games for the public. Just be sure to tune in to their latest updates.